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Blue Band

Indoor Activities: Dashing Car, Haunted House, 5D Theatre, Mirror Maze, Infinity Room and Tunnel Ride (all one time)


Yellow and Red Band

Border Cross, Land Walk, Tyre Travers, Suspension Bridge, Cargo Net, X Factor, I Swing, I Bridge, Sky Walk, Post Breaker, Wall Travers


Purple Band

Zip Line (Single Attempt)


Yellow Band

Adult Rides Outdoor: Sky Swinger, Bungy Ejection, Frish Bee and Swing it (All unlimited except bungy ejection)


Orange Band

Children Rides: Wave Train, Bungy Trampoline, Kangaroo Jump, Mini Skater, Mini Swing Chair and Airo (All unlimited except Bungy Trempoline)


Pink Band

Combo Pack Indoor, Outdoor, Go-Karting (6 Laps for single seater), Zip Line and Adventure activities (all one time)


Red Band

Go-Karting (6 Laps for single seater)

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